Hemorrhoid in Kids: Cause and symptoms

Hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids, do not only attack adults. Children can also get this disease, it’s just that it’s not too common. If you find your child crying or in pain when defecating, hemorrhoids can be one of the causes. Approximately, what causes hemorrhoids in children? Then, what are the symptoms that can arise? Come on, learn more clearly about hemorrhoids in the following children.

Various things that cause hemorrhoids in children

Hemorrhoid is generally caused by a large pressure on the blood vessels around the vein. Every time food enters, the intestine will move to digest and take its nutrients before being distributed throughout the body. In young children, this bowel movement can form tissue around the anus filled with blood.

Nearly 75% of people have experienced this condition, including children. Various things that can cause great pressure on the veins of children and inhibit blood flow which increases the risk of hemorrhoids, such as:

  1. Do toilet training more than 10 minutes regularly.
  2. Frequent constipation due to lack of fibrous food intake and drinking water.
  3. Often tantrums and stress so that blood flows to the pelvic area increases and puts pressure on the veins.
  4. The formation of tumors in the large intestine or inflammation in the large intestine can also increase pressure so that the risk of hemorrhoid.
  5. Children who are obese and are not actively moving; your child sits on a hard surface for a long time, sitting on the floor for example.
  6. Having offspring with weak veins so vulnerable to blood buildup.

Hemorrhoid symptoms in children that need attention

Although rare, hemorrhoids in children can make children uncomfortable. Especially if your child is still not communicating smoothly, he will be very fussy and make you anxious. Various hemorrhoid symptoms that are felt by children in general, include:

  1. Anus bleeding accompanied by itching.
  2. Children spend longer to defecate. He was also reluctant to go to the bathroom because he felt sick.
  3. There is a lump that comes out of the anus.
  4. Children feel uncomfortable sitting.
  5. Sometimes the anus will runny to wet the pants.
  6. Stool that is released tends to dry.

Care for children with hemorrhoids

If your child has hemorrhoid symptoms, see a doctor immediately. Do not delay treatment and do not use any medication for them. Children are more sensitive than adults so treatment must be monitored by a doctor.

The doctor will give the medicine to stool, relieve pain and itching, and prevent further iriation. In addition to doctor’s care, children need to get additional care at home, such as:

  1. Increase the intake of fibrous foods, such as vegetables, fruit, wheat, and nuts.
  2. Increase drinking water or drinking fruit juice often.
  3. Use soft, fragrance-free wet wipes to clean the rectal area.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly to the irritated area of ​​the anus.
  5. Invite children to actively move and exercise.
  6. Rearrange your diet to reduce weight if your child has excess weight.