Dry Skin Makes Itchy? Here’s how to fix it

What is your skin type? Do you tend to have oily, dry or combination skin? When you have oily skin, the problem you face can be acne prone skin. Whereas in dry skin, a common problem can be itchy skin. Yes, dry skin is often associated with itching. But itching is not only caused by dry skin, itching can also occur because someone has an allergy. If so, how do you deal with itching due to dry skin?

Dry Skin Makes Itchy? Here's how to fix it
Dry Skin Makes Itchy? Here’s how to fix it

Someone who has a dry skin type is indeed susceptible to irritation, not to mention the use of the wrong treatment product. When irritation occurs, the symptoms you feel can be itching, heat, and burning. Conscious or unconscious, you might scratch the irritant, making it worse. If so, you are prone to eczema and dermatitis.

How do you deal with itching due to dry skin?

Treating an illness, you need to treat the root of the problem. For example, your asthma relapses due to cold air, so you have to deal with cold air first, make your body warm. Similar to itchy skin, the root cause is dry skin.

Here are some ways you can deal with dry skin:

  1. Don’t forget to always keep your skin moist, for example by using a moisturizing cream or lotion. To be safer, you should consult with your doctor first, what cream is suitable for itchy and dry skin conditions. But when you have found a suitable moisturizing cream without having to see a doctor, just continue.
  2. Do not scratch the itchy and dry skin. Initially you really can’t stand the itching, but scratching can cause injury. Finally it becomes irritated and inflamed, because your nails are a source of bacteria too.
  3. If itching, try to relieve it with ice cubes or ice water. How to wrap ice cubes with a flannel cloth or a clean cloth. Can also by dipping a clean cloth into cold water. Then compress the itchy skin
  4. If your itching is severe, you should visit a doctor. Recommended drugs can be antihistamines and steroids that are applied to the skin. Antidepressants can also be recommended to relieve itching
  5. Besides cold water, you can also soak in warm water (anget-anget nail). Bathe with soap that contains a lot of moisturizer, then apply the lotion again after taking a shower

What can cause dry skin?

There are several factors that can cause dry skin such as age factors that are no longer young. Aging can make changes to skin cell tissue. Apart from losing its elasticity, the skin also begins to lose its moisture.

Dry skin can also be caused by the use of long-term air conditioning or heating. There’s more, this will definitely make you surprised, it turns out washing (clothes, plates) and taking a shower too often can also cause your skin to dry.

How do you prevent itchy and dry skin?

As explained above, the root of the problem with itchy skin is dry skin. So, you should treat your dry skin, such as by:

1. Use gloves when cleaning

Serious? Yes, you have to protect your hands while doing homework, such as washing dishes and clothes. Detergent soap can cause dry and irritated skin, especially for those of you who have dry skin types. If your hands are still exposed to soap, try to use lotion afterwards, so the hands remain moist. Try to choose gloves that are not made of latex.

2. Consuming fish oil

It is best to ask your doctor first, if you can add fish oil as a daily supplement. Skin can be caused by various kinds, such as age and environment. Fish oil contains fatty acids that can moisturize your skin. Besides being good for skin health, fatty acids are also good for heart health, so you get more benefits in overcoming these factors.

3. Apply petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is known to be very effective in treating dry skin. Based on research by the American Academy of Dermatology, quoted by webMD, petroleum jelly can soften the entire body, starting from the lips to your feet.

4. Oatmeal

Is it true? How can? The latest research quoted by webMD says that wheat has a substance called avenanthramides, this substance can relieve inflammation and redness on the skin. How to? You can soak with a sprinkling of oatmeal. First, grind or oatmeal blender, then sprinkle on a tub or tub with running water. Soak for 15 minutes.