How to Overcome Light Burns

accidents can happen anytime and anywhere . Therefore we need to learn first aid . One example is about how to cope with burns . Burns can be caused by various things . It could be because of a burning fire, exposed to hot cooking oil , scalded or hard water , and so forth . Skin that has burns usually will leave scars if not treated promptly. To treat severe burns , you should submit it to the medical officer to be given appropriate treatment . But if you have burns are not too heavy it is still relatively light , you can treat yourself at home .

How to cope with burns by using Milk

For how to cope with burns are still relatively mild , you can take advantage of natural ingredients that are around you . One is the milk . Milk is known to have many health benefits . Usefulness no doubt . Similarly, in this case , the milk can help the skin to heal naturally burns . How to use milk as a treatment of burns is to pour the milk to taste the skin gets burned then let stand until your skin feels cold . All you have noticed before , you should use a milk less fat content ( skim milk ).

How to cope with burns by using  natural ingredients

Not only milk . There are many other natural ingredients that are easy to find on around you that could be material to cope with burns . Such as potatoes and cucumbers . Potatoes and cucumbers had been unquestionably useful in the world of beauty . Later , potatoes and cucumber can absorb the heat that you feel the burn you . How to cope with burns by using potatoes and cucumbers are by attenuating both use a blender . Then , smeared potatoes and cucumbers that have been refined in the burned skin . Let alone the potatoes and cucumbers until dry.

How to cope with burns by using aloe vera

Furthermore , you can also use aloe vera . Aloe vera is known to give a cooling sensation on the skin , so it is not surprising that aloe vera can be used to treat burns . How to cope with burns by using aloe vera is to apply aloe vera enough meat on the skin which has a burn . Then wait until dry .

How to remove burn scars

Burns certainly will will cause scars that often make you feel inferior. No need to worry because you can use honey to remove burn scars you. Honey is believed to have a natural ingredient that can accelerate the process of skin regeneration. How to use it is by applying pure honey to the burn scar on the skin, then let sit for approximately 15-20 minutes. Do it this way on a regular basis in order to get maximum results.

How to cope with recent burns and certainly well known to many people is to pour cold water on the affected skin burns. This method aims to relieve heartburn and pain in kult burning and prevent burns do not become worse. You could say this is the way of first aid and basic that should be known to many people. Because we tidk can predict when it will happen events that can cause burns. Burns at least be addressed first as to not be worse. If increasing weight means you have to go to sign the doctor.