Types and Stadium of Hemorrhoid

If today you are already experiencing hemorrhoids , then you’ll want to know the stage and type of hemorrhoid disease that now you are experiencing . But if you are not currently experiencing hemorrhoids , then you can use this knowledge to avoid and do early treatment when there was a hemorrhoid .

In general , hemorrhoids are divided into two types , namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids . Both types of hemorrhoids is equally dangerous . The difference is, the types of external hemorrhoids can be seen more clearly than the type of internal hemorrhoids because it is located next to the outside of the anus .

  • Internal hemorrhoid is swelling that occurs in the rectum so it can not see or touch . Swelling of this kind is only slightly painful because there are few nerves in the rectum area . The characteristics that can be in the know that bleeding during bowel movements , discomfort when sitting and walking because it feels there is a lump in the anus .

  • Hemorrhoids external hemorrhoid is attacking the anus that will cause pain , burning and itching . Often these types of hemorrhoids come out if there is pressure around the anus such as bowel and so on . If the stool is pushed out by hemorrhoid this will result in clotting ( thrombosis ) that makes hemorrhoids blue – purple . In this condition , the blood vessels swell was very easily hurt and bleed .

Hemorrhoids also have certain stages distinguished from its severity . There are at least four stages of hemorrhoid which generally occur , namely :

  • Hemorrhoid stage I. This stage is marked by the onset of discomfort and as a lump in the anus. This event usually you feel when sitting and walking. Other signs are often itchy and hot around the anus. (Can be treated with herbal hemorrhoid).

  • Hemorrhoid stage II. This stage is characterized by the presence of blood spots on the dirt out of the anus. This could happen because of the pressure of dirt on the swelling of the blood vessels. In this stage usually appear blackish purple bulge out of the anus when you squat and BAB. But the lump could enter by itself. (Can be treated with herbal hemorrhoid).
  • Hemorrhoid stage III. This stage is marked by the release of the bulge from the anus that can not be re-entered by itself. You have to enter it with your fingers to get back in the normal position. Surely it is accompanied by the release of droplets bulge or splotches of blood due to injury to the blood vessels to swell. (Can be treated with herbal hemorrhoid).
  • Hemorrhoid stage IV . This stage is marked by the release of the bulge can not re-enter again even though already included with your fingers . Bulge was always back out along with bloodstained. At this stage , it is advisable to undergo a medical healing action . Can with surgery , laser shooting and so on . This condition allows you to merge medical treatment with herbal hemorrhoid . Healing and recovery process is much faster than if you do not do the merge 

Thus an article about the kinds of hemorrhoids (piles ) and the stage . Do remain balanced lifestyle and diet control . Multiply fiber foods to avoid the various types and stages of hemorrhoids